Work is constrained by rules so we need to change the rules


Work is constrained by rules, written and unwritten.

Those rules were created on the basis of assumptions, mostly about other people.

Those rules show up in the processes of budgeting, performance management, strategic planning, project management, service delivery, decision-making approval, scheduling meetings, hiring, firing, training, thinking, and everything else.

And at most organizations including yours, those rules haven't been revisited in more than a hundred years. A hundred years.The rules were made for how work was in 1920.

What makes work suck*, at times or always, are the rules we (still) use to organize, manage, and do the work now.

So to make work not suck we need to change the rules.

*A technical term for the lack of progress that's causing your frustration, wherever you find yourself in the hierarchy

Through The Work is a creativity development studio for healthcare pros embracing The Transforming—the always-happening, always-unfolding state of change in your job ... and using it to make more of the change you know should be happening, happen.

The Transforming is the most important professional opportunity of our careers—one that will lead to new job opportunities, real change, and a transformed industry for all of us and everyone else.

My name is Drew Weilage and I work in healthcare, too. At Through The Work, I help people like you make develop a creative practice to do your best work.

Oh, and pep talks! Get a pep talk when you need one: big day, bad day, or any day at all. Text me at 646-450-2465 or send me a note.

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