Who is it for?


Who is it for?

As in: Who is your customer?

It's a necessary question to go along with: What are you creating?

And it should be asked before each meeting and before each task, privately or out loud, as a gentle reminder for you or the group because it's just far too easy to forget.

We start creating for the right reasons, for a patient, or an employee group, or another department ... and then the bureaucracy gets jealous, and it's a strong jealousy, and soon enough decisions are being made not in the best interest of the customer, but for the purposes of satisfying the bureaucracy—that nebulous nonsense everyone despises yet everyone works to please.

It turns what we do into check-the-box exercises.

Development efforts are turned into a check-the-box exercise because there has to be a process to ensure it's happening. Improving employee engagement efforts become a check-the-box exercise because the approach must scale. Improving the patient experience becomes a check-the-box exercise because there's a right way to do it. Innovation becomes a check-the-box exercise because there must be a business case.

And don't even start with the budget.

All because we forgot who it was for.

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