Updates are fish food


Updates are the fish food of bureaucracies. Keeps everyone in the fishbowl swimming for another day, but not much happens.

Yes, people need to know what's going on, what's happening, where things stand, progress being made, and the like.

But there's a danger. When the people providing the updates feel pressured to have an update, for whatever the reason, well ... that's when little bits of nothingness get manufactured into something more in an effort to relieve that pressure.

Perhaps not such a big problem in the moment; but it creates valueless work for others, and stacked over the course of projects, and all around an entire organization, a cultural trait emerges.

"No update" shouldn't come to mean "didn't put in any effort". Sometimes in complex organizations and in uncertain operating environments and with colleagues who have 1,000 other things to do ... an update isn't available for the regularly-scheduled update meeting.

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