Transform work to transform healthcare

How To Work Now

How things are now is a result of how we currently do the work.

(... the punch line delivered after the clarification of my phrases ...)

By “how things are now”, what I mean are implicit and explicit performance measures like:

  • productivity metrics,
  • financial performance,
  • quality indicators,
  • technology adoption,
  • psychological safety,
  • process improvement outcomes,
  • trust between colleagues,
  • employee engagement,
  • what gets prioritized,
  • burnout,
  • who holds responsibility,
  • etc., and everything else.

And when I say “how we currently do the work”, what I mean are things like:

  • who makes decisions,
  • who contributes to decisions,
  • how projects are managed,
  • how change is approached,
  • how performance is managed,
  • how performance is measured,
  • what is measured,
  • how messages are communicated,
  • how problems are defined,
  • how work is divided,
  • what information is shared,
  • how priorities are prioritized,
  • the tools available to do the work,
  • the process required to get new tools to do the work,
  • budgeting,
  • planning,
  • and on and on and on.

So ... if we want to transform healthcare, we have to transform work. And specifically: how we organize, manage, and perform the work of healthcare delivery.

This includes how we care, how we deliver care, and how we support the delivery of care.

Through The Work is a talent development studio for healthcare pros embracing The Transforming—the always-happening, always-unfolding state of change in your job ... and using it to make more of the change you know should be happening, happen.

The Transforming is the most important professional opportunity of our careers—one that will lead to new job opportunities, real change, and a transformed industry for all of us and everyone else.

My name is Drew Weilage and I work in healthcare, too. At Through The Work, I help people like you with the ideas, skills, and attitudes to do your best work.

Oh, and pep talks! Get a pep talk when you need one: big day, bad day, or any day at all. Text me at 646-450-2465 or send me a note.

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