Redesign *how* we *do* the work to build organizational resilience

Org Resilience

1// So how does an organization develop Organization Resilience? In my opinion: by redesigning work.

2// Redesigning work is the practice of building organizational resilience by improving *how* we *do* the work. It's the continuous act of teams (and by teams) to change their structures, systems, processes, and tasks … in the pursuit to be more effective.

3// Structures, systems, processes, and tasks is a high-level way to describe the *stuff* that guides (dictates?) how we do the work we do.

4// It includes stuff like policies, technology tools, mental models, interpersonal interactions, annual organization rituals, frameworks, standard operating procedures, communication patterns, meetings, and … well … everything else.

5// The output of the interconnectedness of all the *stuff* is How We Do Things Around Here.

6// How We Do Things Around Here is what must change in order for an organization to reach a state of … resilience.

7// How We Do Things Around Here is deliberately and intentionally changed through redesigning work.

8// Redesigning work happens through a simple team-wide, team-led process of why - what - how.

9// Why -

There’s a reason we need to make a change to our *Stuff*. This is it. It has been noticed. Something’s not working as it should. Something’s not as effective as it could be. There’s tension. There’s friction. There’s a problem with How We Do Things Around Here.

11// What -

The problem deserves and requires focus. Everyone has ideas. Let’s talk about them … and identify what we’re going to do to make a change to potentially solve the problem. Call it a change, a flip, a test, a probe, an experiment, a try, or whatever works for your team.

12// How -

Time to commit. We determine how we’re going to do this new thing (or what we’re going to stop doing!) and when we’ll check in on the new thing’s effectiveness. Is it working? Is the tension gone? Has the friction moved elsewhere?

13// The output of why - what - how … is adaptation.

14// And then repeat.

For this problem, if needed.

For other problems, as needed.

For all redesigning work problems, when needed.

15// When teams throughout an organization are redesigning how they do the work … the organization’s adaptive capacity emerges.

16// Redesigning work works for you as an individual. It works for teams. And that means it works for organizations, too.

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My name is Drew Weilage and I work in healthcare, too. At Through The Work, I assist people like you with the skills, attitudes, and points-of-view to propel your professional success. It's personal training for a transforming world of work.

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