Entropy, or why there is always more work to do


Entropy is a useful mental model for understanding why there's always more work to do.

Entropy happens to everything: sand castles, friendships, abandoned buildings, your team meeting, a project that won't seem to launch ... Entropy is the process of natural systems losing order and falling apart.

It's our effort—our work—that in many instances, but not all, pushes back and overcomes entropy to maintain order.

Yet entropy never stops. The rate of decline in a natural system never decreases. And the effort required to overcome entropy—again, the work we do—must at least match the system's rate of decline.

In other words, every natural system in your organization (of which there are many) requires management, in the broadest definition of the term. That's the work we do. That's the work other people do.

So the consideration should be: Is this (new program, existing process, etc.) a good use of the limited management resources any of us have available (time, energy, motivation, etc.)?

And for those in positions that create work for others to do: Will this be considered valuable by the people required to manage it?

Through The Work is a creativity development studio for healthcare pros embracing The Transforming—the always-happening, always-unfolding state of change in your job ... and using it to make more of the change you know should be happening, happen.

The Transforming is the most important professional opportunity of our careers—one that will lead to new job opportunities, real change, and a transformed industry for all of us and everyone else.

My name is Drew Weilage and I work in healthcare, too. At Through The Work, I help people like you make develop a creative practice to do your best work.

Oh, and pep talks! Get a pep talk when you need one: big day, bad day, or any day at all. Text me at 646-450-2465 or send me a note.

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