Employee engagement is an outcome of enrollment


The organization-wide employee engagement effort is missing a critical element: Enrollment.

Enrollment is the decision to come along, to participate, to care. It requires effort on the part of the boss and the organization to make the journey worthy of participation.

That work, the work of enrollment, must happen before engagement will.

Yet in many organizations the "work" of employee engagement comes after a survey is conducted. Problems are identified. Plans are made. Actions exclusively targeted at improving employee engagement are taken.

Those actions address the problems identified by the survey but they rarely do anything to make the journey worthy of enrollment.

If employees answer yes to questions like:

  • "Is this worth it?,"
  • "Are we going somewhere worth going?,"
  • "Is this something I want to do?,"
  • "Do I want to get out of bed this morning and go to work?,"
  • and however else they might ask the enrollment question

... that makes the work worthy of engaging in because they've enrolled in a collective vision for where the group is going.

Engagement is an outcome of enrollment.

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