Clarify decisions with 10-10-10

Decision Making

Here's one simple tool for making the "right" decision in situations where the "right" decision may not be so clear.

Suze Welch's 10-10-10 method uses three questions as a forcing mechanism to think through the consequences of a decision.

  • What are the consequences of my decision in 10 minutes?
  • What are the consequences of my decision in 10 months?
  • What are the consequences of my decision in 10 years?

(The questions are just as good as discussion items in a group decision-making setting ... "my decision" just becomes "our decision".)

"The answers," she writes, "usually tell me what I need to know not only to make the most reasoned move but to explain my choice to the family members, friends, or coworkers who will feel its impact."

10-10-10 can be used in situations of the lickety-split variety (e.g., should I speak up?) as well as those of more consequence (e.g., should I put myself on the hook?) and everything in between (e.g., what should I work on next?).

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