Personal Professional Development

Make progress at work this week (and in a new reality) with these three models

March 23, 2020

This whole situation feels like a gigantic reset. And I think that's okay because it can be a gigantic reset. It's a burning platform to do the work of rethinking work, including the delivery of healthcare services, that we've been needing to do for several decades.


The Now of Work

February 27, 2020

A follow-on guide to the "Healthcare is changing. How we work hasn't. And it's holding us back." introductory series. Here are ten ideas for getting started with the now of work.


The benefits of thinking about your thinking

February 20, 2020

Metacognition is the process we use to plan, monitor, and assess our learning, thinking, and doing. It's wildly important because it's how we build an awareness of our understanding and performance, which is required for working in complexity.


What is a mental model? And why do they matter at work?

February 13, 2020

You and an alien walk into a grocery store to understand mental models and why they matter at work.


(Personal) Career Reviewing and Planning

January 17, 2020

I did something for the first time this year that you may want to consider doing yourself: a career reviewing and planning session. For myself. It was a bit like an annual job review. Only that it was conducted by me. And free of bureaucratic rigmarole.


Through The Work Writing

Ideas & Inspiration

Ideas and inspiration on The Now of Work to fuel your thinking, learning, and creating. Get inspired.

Get Organized to Get Creative

Being organized is the foundation of a creative practice and creativity. Here are a series of guides to help you get organized at work. Get organized.

learning from the (Work) experts

Talented people have worked on similar problems to the problems we're now solving. Thankfully for us they've shared what they've learned. So let's learn from them.

(Personal) Professional DEvelopment

Your current role can be viewed as a platform to get better at the work you do and how you do the work. Your professional development is a you activity. Make it work for you.


Why we work the way we work is important to understand ... so we can create something better. Here's what's happening.