Learning from the Experts

Chris Argyris will help you think differently about learning (and other things)

March 12, 2020

Double-loop learning is a funny name for the learning we do when we move beyond just solving problems (single-loop learning) and explore whatever it is we're trying to do more holistically.


William Bridges and his transition framework can help you make (more) change happen

March 5, 2020

The resistance to change we all speak so expertly about isn't resistance to a new reality, it's resistance to what the new reality might mean for me, for you, for any of us as individuals. It's the difference between change and transition.


Carol Dweck will help you think differently about our capacity for learning (and other things)

November 6, 2019

How a growth mindset is central to helping us (and everyone else!) develop our skills, improve our intelligence, and learn anything we want.


Dave Snowden will help you think differently about complexity and why work is the way work is

September 17, 2019

Work is different because of our increasing awareness of complexity. But what is complexity? And what does it change?


Douglas McGregor will help you think differently about human behavior (and other things)

September 9, 2019

Every management act in our organizations stems from a core belief about human nature. Most of us have it wrong. If a worker is disengaging from the work it is as a result of how the organization is managed and not because of their human nature.


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Ideas & Inspiration

Ideas and inspiration on The Now of Work to fuel your thinking, learning, and creating. Get inspired.

Get Organized to Get Creative

Being organized is the foundation of a creative practice and creativity. Here are a series of guides to help you get organized at work. Get organized.

learning from the (Work) experts

Talented people have worked on similar problems to the problems we're now solving. Thankfully for us they've shared what they've learned. So let's learn from them.

(Personal) Professional DEvelopment

Your current role can be viewed as a platform to get better at the work you do and how you do the work. Your professional development is a you activity. Make it work for you.


Why we work the way we work is important to understand ... so we can create something better. Here's what's happening.